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Monday, March 23, 2009


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I will share my tips and other resource...Click hereHow to convert word documents to PDF ?Click here9 reasons for the most simple, economical, fast an...Click here12 point checklist before you deliver your jobClick hereRandom QuotesClick hereHow to get traffic to your websiteClick hereHow To Avoid The 5 Common Mistakes Of Freelance Tr...Click hereFreelance Translators: Benefits And Pitfalls Of Wo...Click hereEffective Online And Offline Advertising For Freel...Click here5 Highly Effective And Profitable Habits For Freel...Click hereWhy A Freelance Translator Needs An Email Signatur...Click here7 Tips For Using Blogs To Increase Your Freelance ...Click hereService tax on translation jobs in IndiaClick hereHow To Build A Successful Relationship With Your T...Click hereMarketing Art - How to Get Started as a Freelance ...Click hereHow to increase your freelance translator income?Click hereHOW TO FIND FREELANCE TRANSLATION JOBS?Click hereHow to Print Multiple Pages in one Sheet by MSWORD...Click hereWord tip: Spell Checking From the KeyboardClick here5 important but little known Secrets of how to ide...Click hereDemand grows for interpretersClick hereTranslator what is your hook?Click hereHow to improve your translations?Click hereHow to create a pdf ?Click hereTranslation industry has vast potential in India: ...Click hereThe history of International Translation DayClick here15 tips : How to become a successful freelance tr...Click hereDo you need suggestion on how to get direct clien...Click herea good reference for HindiClick hereHindi Telegu words and their meaningClick hereFree Internet Translation CourseClick hereTranslators Reduce your printing expensesClick hereAre You a Translator?Click hereDEVELOPING YOUR FREELANCE TRANSLATOR PRICING STRAT...Click hereAll rights belong to ostom, Use of this post is allowed provided this link is present at the end of the article http://getdirectclient.blogspot.com


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