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Monday, January 29, 2007

Free Tools for Translators

Google Index Notification

Want to be notified when the Google, MSN, and Yahoo! search
engines crawl your Web site? What if you could be told which
pages the search engines index? This really cool tool also keeps
a history of all of the pages indexed, and the folks at this
helpful Web site will even install it totally free of charge!

FILExt ­ The File Extension Source

Do you ever come across a file extension that you simply have no
idea what program to connect it to? FILExt is a detailed database
of file extensions and programs that use them.

Googlesearches Tool

Use this advanced search tool to search The Mighty Google in
virtually every way you can imagine, even in language- or
country-specific searches. This handy tool is definitely one
you’ll want to bookmark and come back to again and again.


Do you think that 28,959 resources in over 1,000 categories will
keep you busy for a while? Someone asked about counters and log
analyzers. This site has quite a list to choose from. Enjoy!

Bookmarklets ­
Add Extra Functionality to Your Browser with these Simple Scripts

What are they? Bookmarklets are easy-to-use little programs that
you can integrate into your browser to make your coding,
debugging, and researching lives much easier. Give them a try!

Search Engine Decoder ­ Relationship Chart

This cool chart shows the relationships between the various
search engines and directories. Click on any search engine, and
you’ll see which search engines/directories supply results back
and forth to that engine. It loads extremely fast, even with a
56K modem, and it’s up to date. Very impressive.

Martindale’s “The Reference Desk”

Though not a “tool” per se, Martindale’s is a reference site that
you’ll want to bookmark and refer back to time and time again.
What can you find at Martindale’s?

How about 19,575 online calculators? Can you imagine? You’ll
find calculators for every type of project imaginable. You’ll
also find translators, patent and trademark information, and
world maps. The list is virtually endless.

125 Legitimate Link Building Strategies

We all know the importance of off-page factors when it comes to
search engine rankings. Link popularity is one of the crucial
off-page factors that can make such a difference to the success
of a Web site. In this article, which can also be downloaded in
e-book format, over 30 SEO authorities offer their best
suggestions for increasing the link popularity of your Web site.

HTML Tags ­ A Free Online Cheatsheet

This HTML quick reference guide is excellent. All HTML tags with
attributes and values are for XHTML 1.1, also known as HTML 4.01.
Print out the guide and keep it beside your computer.

Color Marketing Group ­ Forecasting the Color of Profit

The Color Marketing Group is an international association of
color designers involved in the use of color as it applies to the
profitable marketing of goods and services. Its major function is
to identify the direction of color and design trends.

You might ask, so what? Who cares?

Do you realize that color can impact a buying decision? The Web
is a visual medium, and we need to be very aware of the colors we
choose on our Web sites. Even swapping out background colors can
impact a buying decision.

What are the “in” colors for 2005? 2006? Visit these URLs to
learn more.


CSS Tutorial at W3Schools.com

Learn how Cascading Style Sheets can make your life as a search
engine marketer much easier, and how it can help you clean up
your source code. W3Schools provides an excellent CSS tutorial
free of charge, complete with a lot of examples and quizzes.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Cool Tools Articles

Cool Tools that are Also Free!

Yet More Cool Tools that are Also FREE!

Again, thanks to all of you who shared these “cool tools” with
me. Be sure and send me YOUR list, and I’ll add them to the next
article. Thanks so much! (robin@...)

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