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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why do Clients Prefer Outsourcing Freelance Translation Services to Agencies?

Why do Clients Prefer Outsourcing Freelance Translation Services to Agencies?

Clients are always on the lookout to outsource their work directly to well organize companies. Thus, it becomes difficult for a single freelancer to gain access to freelance translation jobs and the clients.

Even if they know the clients, they may find it difficult to secure orders from them. This is because the companies tend to outsource freelance translation services to recognized organizations, capable of providing comprehensive solutions.

Major clients look out for agencies that are capable of meeting various language requirements, are always available to the clients, can work on specialized content, and ensure that deadlines are scrupulously met.

Taking into consideration their requirement for diversity, capacity and continuity, it hardly surprises us when we find these companies avoiding individual freelancers and looking out for an all-round translation agency for working on their freelance translation jobs.

The charge of a freelance translator is lower than the service changed by major agencies. However, most clients prefer to pay this extra amount since this additional change guarantees superior quality work and additional services.

Moreover, these agencies follow the ethics of translation by keeping information of clients confidential, meetings deadlines, maintaining content quality and by not overcharging novice clients.

Thus, to find a place in freelance translation agencies, place your CV with them, write articles as often you can, open a freelance translation web site of your own, become an online member and write in blogs and forums for exchanging views. Gaining suitable experience and exposure in freelance translation service is a must to become a name.