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Friday, October 27, 2006

Word tip: Spell Checking From the Keyboard

Spell Checking From the Keyboard

You may already know that you can right-click on a
misspelled word and the resulting Context menu will
display suggested corrections for your error. You may
not want to use the mouse to activate this feature,
however. You might not want to take your hands off the
keyboard, which can slow down your editing. If you are
of this ilk, there are two major ways you can display
the Context menu for the misspelled word. In both
instances, you must make sure the insertion point is
somewhere in the misspelled word, then you can do
either of the following:

If you have one of the 104-key Windows keyboards,
press the "right-click key." This is the key next to
the right CTRL key.
Press SHIFT+F10.
Either of these methods will result in the Context
menu being displayed. You can then use the arrow keys
to select a suggested spelling correction. Pressing
Enter then makes the correction. If you don't see a
suggestion you like, pressing the ESC key dismisses
the Context menu.

Another possible solution is to simply place the
insertion point someplace before the misspelled word,
and then press ALT+F7. This automatically selects the
next misspelled word in the document and displays the
Context menu with suggested alternatives

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