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Saturday, November 25, 2006

7 Lessons From Experienced Freelance Translators

7 Lessons From Experienced Freelance Translators

There are many aspects of being a freelance translator that you have to consider to be successful here are some of the most important points to keep in mind:

1. Respect your specialization; accept translation jobs into your native language.

Whether you are translating or editing, it is most important to see the text in the source language to determine if it is within our scope of ability.

2. Use translation memory software.

The value of using Wordfast or Trados software is to avoid some of the common omissions that can occur. The software helps you to see the text in sentence format it also helps to isolate text that the software cannot translate such as company names or titles.

3. When in doubt, ask the question.

Don’t waste time struggling with illegible text. It is better to telephone and ask the question; it’s the clients’ responsibility to provide clarification.

4. Two heads are better than one-especially for translations.

Arrange an exchange of proofreading services with another good translator.

5. Pay careful attention to language requirements.

If the translation is tied to a retail brand with specific terminology, make sure that the client provides you with a contact person or reference materials to assure the proper context of the translation.

6. Know your reading audience.

Always ask the client about the target audience for the translation, so you can use the most appropriate language.

7. Be sure you understand the objective of the material you are translating.

The end use of the translated material is important to know so that you can use the correct terminology.

Use these guidelines in your freelance translation projects and you will enjoy a higher level of recognition.