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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Visible satellite image of Hurricane Ike
2008/09/11 - 22:48 UTC
Photo Credit Coreburn

I am tracking Hurricane ike since yesterday. My daughter is in Rice University Houston. It seems they are taken to shelter at 10am Houston time today 12th September.

Here is an update from SCIGUY

10 a.m. UPDATE: Not much has changed this morning as Hurricane Ike moves toward the west-northwest, with a landfall expected on Galveston Island. Maximum winds remain at 105 mph, and the storm's central pressure is not falling. Therefore Ike is forecast to come ashore as an extremely large category 2 hurricane.

If you live east of San Luis Pass and less than 20 feet above sea level, God help you at this point if you have not evacuated.

Houston now has a 50 percent chance of experiencing hurricane-force winds, and Galveston a 77 percent chance. But unfortunately it won't be the winds that matter so much along Galveston Island, but the water.

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