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Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Handy Tips while Interpreting First Time

Handy Tips while Interpreting First Time

Everyone has to undergo the ordeal of undertaking many tasks the first time. There is usually a lot of apprehension and nervousness attached to doing things the first time. This is true even for a person taking up interpretation. Interpretation is a tough job to do and facing it in the beginning stages needs you to be prepared to do the job with efficiency.

Your preparation to interpretation begins much before you actually take up the task. You need to be well-prepared by having ample amount of practice before you actually start.
Here are a few important handy tips that will prepare you to take up interpretation right from the start.

1. It is important for you to know both the original language and the target language well. Doing ample amount of work in translation field will definitely be an added plus to your credit.
2. Practice interpretation by training using some speeches or your local news.
3. Develop a good notation system so that it will help you in your interpretation.
4. When you know in general what the speaker is going to be talking about, ask someone you know to develop a mock speech in that subject for which you can do an interpretation.
5. Practice speaking at a steady rate with no hesitation maintaining proper eye contact with the people listening to you.
6. Know the speakers’ names much before the speeches begin so that there is no confusion from your side.
7. Ensure that you have a microphone that is on a stand or a clip-on such that your hands are free.
8. See to it that you are seated close to the speakers so that you can hear them clearly and also to provide the speakers of your visual presence to remind them that the speech is being interpreted.
9. Try to have a word with the speakers beforehand if possible. Ask them for your cooperation. In case the speaker is not stopping for a long time graciously ask them to stop for you to interpret.
10. It is necessary to stay calm and not get perturbed at all times, even if you make a mistake.

Remember, with lots of practice and confidence it is definitely possible for you to face the ordeal of interpreting the first time and be successful in your endeavor.