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Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 Highly Effective And Profitable Habits For Freelancer Translators

To succeed as a freelance translator, takes time, effort and money. Make it easy on yourself by developing the habits that are essential to building a profitable business:
Organization is more than having everything in its place; it is a matter of prioritizing your life and how your work as a freelance translator relates to it. This begins with setting the goal of what success means to you, creating a list of what is need to accomplish the goal and giving yourself the appropriate amount of time to get the job done. The list is important to keep you focused on your goal, but without consistent action, you will not accomplish it.
Consistent action of the application of your plan in small steps helps you stay motivated. The best way to tackle the large goal of becoming a successful freelance translator is to divide each stage into several parts and work toward the goal every day.
Keep multiple communication channels open helps you to be a more effective freelance translator and make your business profitable in several ways; you can provide better customer service and it gives you the advantage of having many ways to deliver your message, which can prevent misunderstandings.
Cater to your customer by focusing on their needs instead of boasting about your career as a freelance translator. Present solutions to the problems that your customer may be facing in simple language, instead of technical terms that they may not understand.Continue to learn about your profession and industry as a whole. Keep your skills sharp and up to date. The business world is highly competitive; the most successful freelance translators are those who put value on learning how to use the new technologies and techniques so that they can provide the best service to their customers.


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Unknown said...

Thank you. I am glad that my blog is getting noticed.