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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Freelance Translators How To Get Jobs From A Client – Now And Always

Freelance Translators How To Get Jobs From A Client – Now And Always

With the growing competition in the freelance translation market, you have to be aware of how the big picture relates to your situation and goals.

There are some freelance translators who try to be all things to all clients, thinking that this will bring them future jobs or more direct referrals. However, although client types are as varied as freelance translators, it is to your advantage to develop a profile of your marketable skills and research the segment of the market where these skills are most in demand.

With the creation of your profile, specialization is easier. If you concentrate your freelance translation on computer technology, with each successful project completion, you are adding to your knowledge and experience on the subject-one of the key factors most clients use when selecting a freelance translator.

It is very important to be able to stand in the shoes of client. Many freelance translators devote a lot of their time and energy to finding and securing projects, but once the project is completed, they lose out on referrals because they fail to request feedback from the client and maintain contact with them.

Develop a customer care strategy for each phase of the process and make your concern for customer satisfaction clear when you are promoting your freelance translator services. Make sure you focus on what the client needs from you in the work arrangement; some clients want daily updates and others are content to wait and review the project once it has been completed.

Once you have delivered the freelance translation project to the client, remember to thank them for their business, ask them for their comments on the experience and suggestions to improve your service.

Gaining a reputation as an experienced, skilled freelance translator who also provides excellent customer care will bring you the long term business relationships and referrals that you need to increase your income.