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Monday, April 30, 2007

Investment required for a freelance translator

Investment required for a freelance translator

Freelance translation jobs are very lucrative and with a little initial investment the returns can be made to increase manifold. Here are a few tips on investment and these will be of great help while establishing your career in the sphere of freelance translation.

There needs to be a minimum amount of investment required in some equipment and essential software. You need to possess a computer and proper word processing software.

You should also invest in a fax machine and Internet connection that is fast and effective. There are innumerable on line dictionaries available like LEO that are very helpful and so are absolutely necessary. These dictionaries yield instant results at the mere touch of a button. These help to save a lot of time as searching through these are much easier than going through the printed versions.

Besides these you also need to invest in a telephone and an answering machine. With these a dictating machine would be also quite helpful though it is optional. There are other options as well those are slightly expensive but helpful never the less.

Many freelance translators now a days are using many other translation tools and also translation memory software. If you have a full fledged office set up for your translation services then you can also use CAT that is the Computer Aided Translation. It is better known as the Trados, which is now taken to be a standard. There is also the Déjà vu but these are a little expensive. It might not be very cost effective if there is not sufficient funding available. Wordfast is also another good software that one can make use of.

These are some of the areas where sagacious investment will yield good results.