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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Becoming a good freelance translator

Becoming a good freelance translator

Becoming a good freelance translator involves a lot of research and homework. All these will give you the much needed edge in an already competitive market. But before you establish your name in the market as a good freelance translator there are a few points to remember to become successful in your area of work.

Your educational background has to be of very high quality. A degree in the language in which you are going to pursue your translation work will be advantageous. Though a degree in another language would also be equally helpful.

The style needs to be easily understandable and it should register to all. Even the toughest of the subjects can be written and explained in a manner that it is understood by all. One also needs to have a very strong grasp over the mother language, as it is the backbone on which the entire translation work is going to depend.

Translation work without adequate research tends to be very shallow and this would obviously have negative effects on ones career. Therefore one should have a flair for conducting thorough research so that the work reflects the amount of work that has gone into a particular piece of translated work.

Another added advantage would be to know thoroughly the combination languages as well. This would help to increase your sphere of activity and also increase your incomes if you are capable of handling several assignments in more than one or two languages.

You should also be aware of the cultural traditions of the country for which the translation work is being done. This would help to infuse the native flavor in the work and this would in turn endear the writing to the target readers.