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Monday, March 12, 2007

Best Way to Properly Organize and Manage Freelance Translation Services

Best Way to Properly Organize and Manage Freelance Translation Services

There are a number of methods that people use to gain access to new business in freelance translation services. One of them concerns registering as a translator with a translation agency. This can be done through online forms available in their web sites. It requires online freelance translators to state their work experience, known language pair and specialization.

Another way of doing this is through emails sent directly to the agency. All you need to do is attach a copy of your CV and send it to the specified email address.

No matter what method an online freelance translator selects, it is essential to maintain proper records of all these information on freelance translation jobs.

In order to properly manage and organize your work on freelance translation service, it is best to maintain a record of usernames and passwords you are using to register in various online translation sites.

Also, keep track of the email addresses you are sending your CV to. This will help you to retrieve relevant information whenever required. There are a number of helpful software applications tat can make your freelance translation job an easier one to organize.

However, till date, the cheapest and the best software in use is already there in your computer. It is the simple Excel spreadsheet.

With the aid of Excel, freelance translators can contain the names of the agencies, the date when they were contacted, the email id of the person concerned, the assignments allocated, and the deadline set for individual projects.

Using Excel in the field of freelance translation service has made managing and organizing the whole work a simple and an easy one.