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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Top Ten Networking tips

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The Art of Networking
March 10, 2008 by Golf Girl

I found this article and thought I would share it. There are some good tips to remember when you are at a networking function and also some good tips on how to be prepared. Enjoy!

Top 10 Tips to “CLICK” Quick

By George C. Fraser, Founder and CEO of FraserNet, Inc and author of of “CLICK: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships”

Doesn’t it feel good when you CLICK with someone? Wouldn’t you like to know how to do it more often and enjoy the benefits of extraordinary relationships in your business and life? The following Top 10 Tips to CLICK will give you the tools you need to build extraordinary relationships in business and in life….quickly.

1. Be Authentic: Be who you really are. Have an agenda, know why you’re there, what you want and need. Be on your best behavior-but always be yourself.

2. Be in the Moment: Please….shut up and listen with your eyes and ears. Ask good questions. Roaming eyes is an instant turnoff. Your task is to understand the other person first.

3. Find a Need and Fill It: Help someone with their child, health or wealth and you will CLICK quick. Using the paradigm of ONENESS, pretend you’re in a contest with the other person to see who can genuinely give, serve and add value first. Always look for the win-win.

4. Follow-up or be Forgotten: Attention spans are short these days. Following up demonstrates you care and helps build the connection. It also will impress people, because 98% won’t do it.

5. Give Credit and Take the Blame: This is especially true when you lead a team.

6. Make Others Feel Significant and/or Important: Give sincere compliments. Appropriateness is the key, be it the hair, suit, tie, jewelry, accomplishments or ideas.

7. Done Be Boring: Talking only about sports, weather and/or business can be boring. Read! Lead with your passion/purpose.

8. Have a Great Soundbite: It’s like having a hit record. Prepare a short 15-20 second statement that says A.) who you are, B.) where you’re from, C.) what you do, D.) how you add value and E.) a quantifiable evaluation of your value. A great soundbite should pique people’s interest and give them something substantial from which to establish a connetion.

9. Smile Please: You’ll attract more people. A gentle smile while standing, listening and/or talking is infectious. It signals openness, warmth, energy and interest.

10. Pay Attention to Appearance and Hygiene: Yes…..how you look matters. First impressions stick for a long time, so make a great one!