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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why A Freelance Translator Needs An Email Signature ?

Beyond your freelance translator assignments, your communication through email makes the strongest impact on your work and you can increase its effectiveness by using a unique email signature after your text message.
Think of your email signature as your electronic business card, and make sure it includes your complete freelance translator business message;
· your name
· business title
· company name
· phone number
· fax number
· mobile phone number
· your email address,
· your website address
· company slogan or tag line
Having all of your information in one place makes it easier for people to have a clear picture of you and the options they have to communicate with you. Be careful of adding graphics to your email signature; not all of your contacts may be able to receive HTML emails. In addition, many of the email spam filter programs are blocking emails that contain images because they can carry viruses.
Using your email signature as a component in your freelance translator marketing strategy makes sense; you can create it once and it will be added to your emails automatically.
Whether you are responding to an email or writing to someone regarding your work as a freelance translator, you have the perfect opportunity to deliver your marketing message without incurring additional advertising costs.
Email that is sent to your contact list, are people that you know are interested in your business. Including an announcement about your products or services in your email signature can stimulate the reader to learn more.
As a freelance translator, you can add information to your email signature that your contacts need to know, such as a new service or a way to use an existing service.
Creating your freelance translator email signature with value added content such as links to articles, can result in more opportunities to increase your business presence and your income.