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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Points to Getting Jobs as a Freelancer

photo credit Prakhar

Points to Getting Jobs as a Freelancer

Being a fresher to freelancing can be very intimidating and daunting, especially when you

are trying very hard and not being able to land up with any projects. The first and

foremost thing that you must remember is that you are not alone over here. No one usually

lands up with a silver spoon in their mouth. Every freelancer when they began did go

through this phase.

Here are few pointers that will help you in planning out the right approach that you need

to adopt to help you out.

1. As a fresher, you need to establish your credibility in the arena that you want to

flourish in. You should remember that you are a newcomer in the sea of other freelancers

and you should work towards measuring up to them.
2. Start by creating a good C.V. that has up-to-date information regarding you. Add

important keywords related to your work in the resume. Try to impress the person reading

your C.V. by keeping it polished but be honest. Do not falsify your resume in any way

because your lies are bound to come out later.
3. Go looking for work. The advent of the internet has made it possible for you to

find jobs on a global front. Check out the various websites offering freelancing work. You

can start out initially by taking a free membership provided in many sites and then switch

over to a premium membership later.
4. You can even try some agencies that may be present in the city that you live in by

cold calling.
5. Never undersell yourself. If you believe that you can land up a job sooner or later

stick to your estimates. Another alternative is that you can offer value added services

such as proofreading, editing, etc within the quoted price.
6. Check on ways and means to make your presence felt. There are many forums and

activity boards on the websites that will be able to help you do so.
7. Last and not the least, you need lots of patience. If you believe in yourself, it

is only a matter of time when you will land up with that first job and many more to come.