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Friday, February 09, 2007

Freelance Translation Ethics

Generally people think that freelance translation jobs require little or no ethics at all. However, since this profession deals with clients and other people, freelance translators need to maintain certain standard ethics. Even though it is not easy to point out unethical behavior in freelance translation services, there are a number of ways to keep out from them.

There are various forms of unethical behavior in the field of translation. Freelance translators attempt their best to meet the given deadline on time and candidly replies back to the client on what they can achieve within the given timeframe. It is unethical to avoid informing the clients in situations when you are unable to meet the deadline, as the clients may also have their own deadlines. Disrespecting deadlines can only bring downfall to your freelance translation business.

Always try to keep information of your client confidential. Also, avoid overcharging the clients once the price is quoted. There are a lot of clients who are new to the business and have little knowledge on calculating translation fees. Avoid the temptation to overcharge ignorant clients. This may temporarily earn you a few extra dollars, but will also pave the path of your doom in freelance translation services.

Any profession can face these ethical issues and the profession of translation is no exception. Freelance translators should be well aware of the ethical issues that can pop up so that they can work to avoid them. Being ethical should be one of the prime responsibilities of freelance translators.