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Monday, June 04, 2007

What are the Factors that Influence Freelance Translation Rates?

What are the Factors that Influence Freelance Translation Rates?

An essential requirement for all types of freelance translation jobs is to set the translation rate accurately. It may appear a bit difficult when you first start out since there are a number of translators who are reluctant to disclose their rates to others. However, the task may not seem so difficult if you keep a couple of factors in mind that influence freelance translation rates.

To begin with, freelance translation jobs can be charged by the total number of pages you worked on, the number of words used or even hours spent on translation. However, since the amount of words per page can vary, and clients generally want you to fit in more words in a single page to cut down their cost, it’s best to charge by the number of words.

Another key factor to keep in mind is that freelance translation rates fluctuate depending on the language pair you select for translation. Usually a unique language pair will command better rates than the widespread ones, like English to Spanish. The type of content that requires translation is also an influencing aspect in shaping rates.

You can charge more for translating a technical material than the more general content. Engineering translation papers, scientific reports and medical translation charges are generally more than sheer generic content translation.

You reputation as a freelance translator and the experience you have acquired in this business also plays a crucial role in chalking out the freelance translation rate. Rates are set anywhere between .08 to .15 cents per word or more for freelance translation services. Visiting some freelance translation websites and keeping the above factors in mind will aid you to bid for a fair price, thus catering to your need and keeping the clients happy.
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