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Monday, August 06, 2007

Points to keep in mind for a freelance translator

Points to keep in mind for a freelance translator

It is a great achievement to establish oneself as a good freelance translator. But there are a few very important facts that should be kept in mind. Not only should one be strong in the language one should also have some other aspects in mind so that the road to success is quite a smooth one.

· You can start off your career in this sphere by joining an organization as a trainee. You might not be paid but the relevant experience would act as a wonderful boost to your career.
· You should remember to register yourself as a person who is self employed. You may also speak to the relevant tax authorities and ask for their advice.
· You should give serious thought to the volume of freelance work that you are getting. The work should be sufficient to keep you busy. For approximately twenty hours a week. You might also like to terminate your present contract so that you can carry on with your freelance work, as it would be as lucrative as your salaried job.
· Everyone plans to take the plunge right after completing the relevant studies. As experience is an absolute necessity in almost all trades it is a definitely a good idea to opt for a full time job. This job will give you the much required boost in your career as a freelance translator. This will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work upon them accordingly. There would also be a senior translator who would monitor your progress and so it would be very helpful.