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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 ways to identify a bad-payer before you take up the translation job

7 ways to identify a bad-payer before you take up the translation job
1. If the email comes with subject in Capital letters with or without an exclamatory mark(!),. its a suspect. I delete it without opening . Project managers will never write mails in capital letters.

2. Mail coming from free email providers like yahoo, hotmail, gmail- If the agency could not afford to pay for their own domain names how can they pay you? This does not mean that all client having a free email id is suspect. The point is to know who is behind the email id. If the client provides his full contact details or website but has a free email id, then its fine. No problem. After all there are benefits of using free email id's and it is convenient. The point is- one needs to know as much as possible about the client before taking up a job. Email is just one pointer in that direction.

3.Job request without contact addersses, website for the agency- they are suspect.
4. Agency wants 5000 words in a day.

5.Do a google search for the senders name and email address , like I search for john@yahoo.com and also for john, I add 'payment review' in the search string after the name or email id.

6. I look for reports about the agency in PROZ blue board

7. I check for the agencies in 'payment practices yahoo and other egroups
If you know any other mathod let us know for the benefits of all. You can write to me -
gdc at getdirectclient.com

happy translating!
Ostom Ray


Anonymous said...

If the person phones you and accepts your rate without comment, you should be suspicious.
Heinrich Pesch

Anonymous said...


I disagree with you regarding email addresses. I have my own comapny address - my company does different things, not only translations- and I use my Yahoo address for translations...and up until now, thank God, I have paid all the translators I've worked with even when I was not paid!
I believe it's much better to research previous incidents on the Blueboard for example, than to disqualify a potential job provider because they have a Yahoo account...

Constance Ngando Mpondo (Proz)

Unknown said...

The point is not whether a free mail id is used. The issue is one needs to know who is behind the email. If one gets an email from some@yahoo.com but does not provide his her website url or full contact address one should be careful. I am working through net for last 8 years and this is from my own experience. When I analyse my bad-payers I find that they did not provide full contact details and had free email ids. The seven points I provided are just indicators and have to taken in combination.
We are always in a hurry to get more jobs and whenever receive any offer we accept it and do our best to deliver the job. It is in our interest to check, by whatever means whether the client is genuine or not.
Ngando, you are a good payer, no problem with you! Thanks for your comments in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your suggestions are of great help to freelance translators.

There are some yahoo groups which can help us stay away from dishonest translation agencies.

The below mentioned groups may be of interest to the translators' community:

1. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com /group/pp_dist/

2. http://finance.groups.yahoo .com/group/translationagencypay ment/

3. http://it.groups.yahoo.com /group/the-checklist/ (in Italian)

I hope other translators would share their information about similar groups.