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Friday, November 23, 2007

Why and how to network?

This article is taken from the blog of a very
successful translator Mr A M

It describes how translators can use Online Business

Social networking online should be one of the
strategies you use to broaden your horizons.

Reach out to the whole wide world to make friends and
build business relations on the 5 continents.

Registration is generally free, with the possiblity to
upgrade for a small fee to get some premium services.
In most cases, it is not really necessary to upgrade,
in particular when you are just beginning, testing the
waters, as it were

For example for LinkedIn, this is how it works: you
complete the free registration at LinkedIn.com, and
then you can 'invite' others you know and trust to
become 'LinkedIn' to you through the site. Now,
through your connections, you can ask to be introduced
to others in the LinkedIn network. You can make as
many connections as you want. However, it is not
really a matter of numbers but rather the quality of
networks and underlying relationships are what creates
all sorts of opportunities, including of course
business opportunities for you.

Says freelance marketing consultant Scott Stratten,
who runs a company called "Un-Marketing" in Ontario,
Canada: "I'm making more revenue from Ryze without
ever having to approach a customer. They see my
profile, read the views and commentaries that I've
posted in previous discussions on the site, and they
approach me with opportunities." (Quoted in a Fast
Company article )

The main social networks I would ask you to check out:

LinkedIn, "a community of more than 8 million people
who rely on one another to get things done" or again
"an online network of more than 8.5 million
experienced professionals from around the world
representing 130 industries",





OpenBC (mainly European)

There a great article in Ilise Benun's Marketing Mix
Blog, which leads you to another 3 excellent
resources, and also check out Guy Kawasaki take on

To conclude: always keep in mind you are a global
communicator and a global communication facilitator.
Consider that no human being is unapproachable, no
place in the world is inaccessible.

Slowly but surely build your own personal network.
This could eventually prove to be the most productive
of all marketing strategies.

P.S. Here is my profile on LinkedIn

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