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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chinese Translation Rates

I did a quick search in Internet and found a typical rate list for Chinese language. It seems to be an agency but how big it is I dont know. Since they have published their rates in their website we can know what is the going rate for Chinese language.

Read below:

$0.12 per source word for written translation.
For jobs involving less than 170 words, the fee is $20
The rate is the same for translating English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English.

Rush Service Fees

Word count Additional Fee
Less than 200 words-------$10

200 to 400 words------------$15

401 to 600 words------------$20

601 to 800 words------------$25

801 to 1000 words----------$30

Over 1000 words----------send email

Oral Interpretation
$60 per hour.

Video Translation
$15 per minute of video. ($30 minimum charge).
Includes written transcripts in both English and Chinese

Hope the above information helps in search of a typical rate.
The only thing I dont know is whetehr it is a freelancers rate or an agency rate.
These data taken from this site.

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james said...

this was very helpful. thank you for finding the information. just what i needed! :)