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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are you a Professional Freelance Translator? Find Out

The work done by professional freelance translators is not an easy one. Some people speak fluently in more than one language and thinks that they have all that takes to become a professional freelance translator. However, the truth is a bit different.

You are the best judge of yourself. Following are some of the determining factors that can help you decide whether you have got professionalism in freelance translation jobs in you. Through the following seven factors listed below, try to identify and question yourself to derive the correct answer.

· Does your experience in the foreign language last for 2-3 months stint you did in any crash course?
· How many translation assignments have you worked on? Was it a college assignment?
· Take a look at the email address you employ to be in touch with your clients. Does it read something as funny as bunny06@yahoo.com or something similar?
· Do you have the tendency to accept all translation offers that comes your way? How often do you make the effort to find out the subject matter of the translation before embarking on the project with the client?
· Are you wondering what “Deadlines” are and the importance of it?
· Do you rate interpretation and translation as the same thing?
· Do you make use of online translation tools and pass them off as your own work?

If you identify yourself with the above factors, then you are just a wannabe freelance translator and need to work on your language skills to sharpen it further. But, don’t lose heart, hard work in the field of freelance translation jobs pay off well. Be determined, work hard on languages, bid for simple translation works, and gradually work your way to become a success in this industry