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Thursday, May 03, 2007

How much to charge?

Suppose you have to translate a table which is in pdf
format into a word document. You cannot convert the
pdf into doc file(either permission is not given to
you or you dont have the necessary software), then you
need to handle word entries from large number of cells
manually, this could be very very time consuming. For
a table contaietg 20 columns and 15 rows there are 300
cells. Consider the time required to do this. If you
charge your usual rates for this job then you are a

So the strategy could be to charge separately for
PDF, JPG or other non-editable files. You can charge
per word rate enhanced by a certain percentage between
15% to 30%.

Or you can charge an extra amount for the formatting.
You can charge an amount for the whole text or a
charge per page.

These are tentaive figures, but you can always
calculate the extra time required for formatting and
charge an amount to compensate that.

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