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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trados Made Easy

Trados Made Easy

Application software helps the user to make the work that needs to be accomplished much easier and simpler to perform. Trados is one such software that is available to translators to help them in improving the quality and the quantity of work that is completed.

But, many translators are of the notion that Trados is very difficult to learn and is not user friendly. But, contrary to the popular belief, Trados can help a translator in not only improving the quality of work by eliminating many mistakes it can also enhance the productivity.

In the beginning stages, you can just start with learning one module of Trados i.e. Trados Workbench. This module is useful in translating a number of file formats such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc. This enables you to concentrate on learning one module and you can avoid learning other modules such as Multi Term, Tag Editor, etc until you have got a basic hang of what you need to know.

Let us now learn how a file is translated using Workbench.

Using the Windows “Start” button, access “Programs” and from there open the Trados Translator Workbench (should be installed in your computer). Once the program is open, a new file is created using the file option in the menu and is named appropriately and saved. The options such as the language of the original text and the translated text is chosen from the options and saved.

The original text is then opened in the Translator Workbench and the mouse is pointed to the first line and the keys Alt and Home are pressed. The translation is then typed in another box that is present on the spreadsheet. Once the first line is completed to proceed to the following sentence, the keys Alt and Num are pressed. This method is followed until the entire document is completed after which the keys Alt and End are pressed.

Since the completed file has both the languages, it is necessary to remove the original text from the file. This is performed using the clean-up option in Tools of the workbench menu. Once cleanup is performed, the file will only contain the translation.

Since Trados saves all your translations into memory, it will give suggestions in translating many phrases and sentences which will make it easy for you to translate repetitions.