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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another 13 reasons why a translator needs his website

13 reasons why a translator needs his website

You should have your own website with a domain of your own, like www.frenchtranslator.net

1. It is like an online visiting card that you can refer people to in the cyber space. It is also an online brochure that contains information about your services. And it works 24 hours and 7 days.

2. Nearly half of the clients go to search engines for finding a translator, so you should be there also or else you loose them.

3. It gives a positive impression to your ustomers that you are a serious, established and professional translator.

4. You will earn more respect from clients.

5. You can set up your own e-mail with the name of your site only when you have a domain name and id. for your website.

6. Not using a free email id will show that you have invested in your business.

7. With your own site you can arrange for FTP for bigger files.

8. Your website can become a reference for your present clients.

7.Your website can provide contact details to your customers.

8.Your clients can also share you contacts with other colleagues by referring your website.

10. If you have your own website you can save a lot of time with new clients instead of explaining who you are and what you do. You may simply suggest that for more information they may look at your site.

11.Websites can be promoted over a period of time. Your site can bring you more clients if you are consistently promoting it.

12. Websites can be hosted in your domain with blogger/wordpress. For blogs it is very simple to add contents. More fresh contents will bring more traffic and more clients.
13. Please add your reason for having your own website


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