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Wednesday, January 10, 2007



If you are looking for ways to increase the money you make from your freelance translation services here are few ideas:

1. Join a new translation marketplace

There are many marketplace for freelancers online. Join them first as a free member and when you have earned your money be a featured member.

2. Create a blog.

This is the easiest way to get the word out to the audience you want to inform about your services. There are several free blogging sites which you can use without knowing any web authoring language. The other bonus about creating a blog is the syndication feature that feeds your post into a listing for blogs in your category.

3. Post your information in discussion boards.

Joining discussion groups will give you valuable exposure to a variety of products and services. It is worth the time to investigate the translation opportunities that exist with the manufacturers and providers. Select the group that has a large membership for the best exposure.

4. Create a website.

Designing a full website gives you the freedom to provide details about your service as well as create your own marketplace for selling articles or creating a free reprint directory of articles to gain more exposure. You can also create your own forum for translators or publish a newsletter of translation tips for other translators.

5. Network at local business events.

Having a well designed printed business card or brochure to distribute when you attend events can bring you new professional contacts as well as clients. Another source of freelance translator work can be with community organizations that service a bilingual client base.


ludeman said...

Thanks for sharing your information. I am a recent college graduate and looking to become a translator so your site is very helpful. I wanted to ask what are the ideal or neccesary hardware and software components to have in order to be a freelance translator? And also if you know of any other places that provide start up information for translators?