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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Qualities of a good freelance translator

Qualities of a good freelance translator

All professions require certain specific qualities by which a person becomes successful. In this sphere of freelance translation the same dictum stands. Here are a few qualities that will make a good freelance translator out of you.

Have a good command over the mother language and all those other languages that you are planning to translate in. The grasp over the language and the combinations is far more important than the degree that you possess.

Good marketing skills is an absolute necessity. If your marketing plans are not up to the mark then even your skills in the language would not matter much.

Learn to accept rejection and try to prevent yourself from getting frustrated when people come and tell you that your work is not up to the mark. The point is not to lose heart. The market is huge and you will surely find all those who are looking for the services that you are providing.

Everyone needs to relax and you have to learn how to say a “no” when the situation is so. Learn to relax as a pent up brain an never ever take you far. This profession like all others have its own share of problems and how you come out of it is the art that you have to master.

Managing your finances is another very important consideration. The people in this industry usually do not have a steady flow of income and therefore it becomes all the more important to maintain the steady flow of your income.


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hii...im a translator by profession but cant find enough work online...can u help me with it....if yes, please lemme know wat are charges like. thank u.