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Saturday, July 12, 2008

American Translator’s Association- Is Membership Beneficial

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American Translator’s Association- Is Membership Beneficial

As a freelancer, you might have received advice to become a member of the American Translator’s Association (ATA) and to take up certification exams offered by them. But, how beneficial is being a member or getting certified by the ATA?

The American Translator’s Association has directories of all its members that are accessed by many looking for freelancers to take up projects for them. So, being a member definitely will improve the amount of exposure that you get in obtaining more work.

Also, there are annual conferences and many workshops that you can attend that will help in developing a good contact base from which you derive the potential of getting more work. Also, attending these conferences will give you better knowledge on what is transpiring in the translation world and will keep you updated on what is new.

Getting certified involves the process of writing exams conducted by the Association. Though not an easy one to pass, you have practice exams which you can take up to gear you for the finals. If you manage to get through the exams and get certified, it improves your credentials and directly has an impact on the quality and quantity of work you get.

There are some added frills to the membership that you can enjoy. Some of them include discounts on insurance such as disability, life and professional liability. You can even get discounts on UPS delivery services, registration fees at events conducted by the ATA, opportunities to take part in many events and discussion forums, MasterCard issued by the ATA without any fees, etc.

Not only this, it also helps you in developing credibility when you post your testimonials on your own website or on other freelancing websites thus helping you get better work.

But, all is not lost if you are not a member of the ATA and it definitely does not ring negative if you are not one. A truly good freelancer is known by their skills which by itself will sing laurels about you.


Anonymous said...

I have been a member of the ATA for years and, to me, the greatest benefit has been the networking between members. Not to get jobs, but to communicate with other translators facing the same challenges as I do. There are numerous exchange and discussions fora on the the internet, but, despite being a home based translator, I am a fairly sociable person and I need the interaction with other professionals. I am willing to pay several hundred dollars every other years in order to attend the annual conference where I can talk to people in my native language, attend presentations, learn about new products, meet some of my client face to fact. Every time I go, I am reminded that it is not "me against the big bad world", but "me and a whole bunch of other individuals working in the same field". Anna