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Friday, August 01, 2008

Typical Spanish Translation Rates in UK

Photo Credit Spigoo

These data are taken from the website of an UK based agency. It would give an idea how much they are charging for Spanish translation. It seems this is not a big agency. May be an one man agency. But the information is useful in deciding your rates in UK.

Translation: fees range from £60 to £120 per 1000 words

Generally, no distinction is made in price terms between translations from English into Spanish or from Spanish into English.

Interpreting: Rates for business, technical, legal and community interpreting are £175 per half day and £300 for a full day.

Voice-overs: these are charged at a flat rate of £500 per recording session (no more than one normal working day).

Bilingual Secretarial Services: billed at £20 per hour (subject to minimum charge).

Audio Transcription: as a general guide, rate for transcription (including translation) is £120 per 1000 words.

Spanish tuition: our rate is £30 per hour for private individuals and £40 per hour for companies, exclusive of travelling costs and time, if applicable.


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