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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

8 sure ways for freelancers to handle too much workload

8 sure ways to handle too much workload

Do you have too much work at hand ? Do you often turn down offers but feel obliged to accept a certain amount in order not to put off clients.

Do you work most of the weekends, which you think better than having too little work?

Also do you know too much work can lead to high stress levels and absence of social life?

How to handle it?

Here are 8 sure ways to work less and earn more.

1.Raise your rates. Beleive me it is indeed a viable way of cutting down workload. Most of the clients may agree to your new rates, but some of them may start to send less work. For new or potential clients it's an ideal time to quote much higher rates. You don't need more work at the same rates, after all, and it's only worth making room for new, unproven clients if they pay you considerably more than your existing ones.So don't be afraid of quoting more than you normally charge - if they say no, you've lost nothing.

2.Evaluate your existing clients and consider raising your rates . Occasional clients who pay lower rates can be avoided without affecting your bottom line. With more regular clients, try suggesting a rate rise and see how they react.

3.Try to negotiate delivery dates. If you think you can do it by this week, suggest next week. If you're asked to do it for Friday afternoon, suggest Monday morning. Build in flexibility so you can accommodate desirable extra requests without having to work long hours.

4. let your regular clients know your situation - tell them that you can only fit in 10000 words in the next week or so. That way, you avoid having to say "no" too often as they won't ask you to take on too much.

5.Don't be afraid to say "no" to any occasional clients who offer you a job with a short turnaround - and take the opportunity to say "I'm generally fully booked up for 5/10 working days from any given point", so you save your time and theirs from wasted phone calls and e-mails.

6.Finally, don't be afraid to say no. They will come back after hearing "no" not just once, but repeatedly.

7.Do away with one of your language combinations.

8. Do away with one or more of your subject specialities


Eng 2 Esp said...

You are absolutely right, in fact I had to move from an apartment in Mexico City to Cuernavaca to have some fun, at least now I can take sunbathes from time to time. I'm going to try increasing my fees.

Unknown said...

Thank you Eng 2 Esp for visiting my blog and keeping a comment. I hope you enjoyed my blog.