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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Methods to Handle Phone Inquiries

Photo Credit Irina Souiki

Great Methods to Handle Phone Inquiries

As a freelancer many of you would have been faced with the proposition of taking up a project through a phone inquiry. But, having to do this will leave little time for you to check back on the credibility of the agency and to know the ups and downs of the job before you commit to taking up the project. This makes many a freelancer jittery about taking up projects through phone inquiries.

Here are a few great methods that will help you handle phone inquiries and how best to either accept a new project or to deny it:

If you are extremely uncomfortable about handling phone inquiries, it is best to avoid leaving your phone number in the profiles that you have posted either on your website or on other websites. As long as you are not giving out your phone number, there is no question of anybody calling you up for a project.

If you have left your phone number and have received a call, if you have the capacity to multitask, you can go through the profile of the agency over the internet as you are discussing the details of the project. If this is difficult, you can ask them to give all the details of the project and can give some approximate figures in terms of delivery time and rates which you can confirm only on seeing more details of the project over the mail.

Take everything in writing over email before you commit to taking up the project. Check the details of the credibility of the agency before you go ahead with the project. If you have any doubts, you reject them outright or ask them for an upfront payment so that you can feel comfortable in taking up the project.

Remember, phone inquiries can be important as you can get to speak to a real person and while doing so get to know more about the agency and them about you and avoids the anonymity the internet can hold. But, at the end of it all it is you that needs to have a final say in whether or not to take up a project.