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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Freelance Translation Works – How to go about it?

Freelance Translation Works – How to go about it?

When you are on freelance translation jobs, you need to make sure that this business becomes a permanent marketing activity, just like any other business in the market. Often it is found that freelance translators promote their translation skills by simply posting profile on directories and translation portals, and distributing resume to translation agencies.

In freelance translation services, you need to market more proactively through forums, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, networking, referrals, additional publicity and advertisements.

To be in business, you need to make you mind work like a journalist and expose your skills through Press Releases. The Headline is the most crucial element as it grabs attention of readers. The Sub-head should explicate the Heading in a few lines.

The Lead Paragraph must answer questions like how, where, when, what, who. The following paragraphs should explain the story in detail and the conclusion should enclose information about your business and work.

Once you complete working on the Press Release, work on strategies to distribute and publish the material in all forms of media. The best way to advertise your freelance translation service to thousands of potential targeted clients is through online Press Release services. Initially select the online services that are free since you will have nothing to lose and only the possibility to gain!

You can also contact PR distributors for sending your service information to the media. If you want to contact the media directly, you need to know the trick of writing a convincing pitch letter. It is a short letter that you address to the editor requesting him to read the attached PR. Press Release is a very powerful tool, and when combined with serious marketing efforts, can take your freelance translation services to new heights.