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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is Proofreading part of a translators job?

Very often, the proofreading part is not discussed with the translators. The clients may assume it is the duty of the translator to deliver a proofread job. The translator may think the client will arrange for a proofreader, because they are an agency.

As is already told, Translation as a process which constitutes of the following steps- glossary making, translation, typesetting, editing and proofreading. And as a general rule, the translator is supposed to deliver a final product that is error free.

If it is something which you think should be paid for, better negotiate with the client at the begining. It does not matter whether your client is an agency or a direct client.

THis is more so when they (clients) specifically mention that they need proofreading by a third party. Again negotiate before hand for third part charges and include in your translation rate.

Some people say that if you work with an agency they are usually responsible for quality assurance. So you dont need to prooread your files. To me it seems not fair. As a translator we should take responsibility for our job and can not expect some body else will do it for me.
If the client still arranges a third party proofreader it is good for them.

When you work with a direct client then you need to negotiate all the steps involved in the translation process and ask for a suitable rate.

In any case translators should take responsibility for their own jobs.

Proofreading is part of a translators job.