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Friday, December 08, 2006



With so many companies going global, life as a freelance translator is getting more interesting everyday; the new opportunities for increasing income are there, but so is the competition. The most seasoned professional freelance translators are working with new technology and beginning translators are seeking mentorship. Here are some of the tips from some of the experienced freelance translators:

Be a continuous student. Language is a living, breathing expression of people who live in a certain country with traditions and culture that effect the way they communicate. Keep an open perspective when it comes to both your source and target languages and learn to incorporate the changes to keep your translations relevant and accurate.

Specialize, specialize, and specialize. This one point cannot be stressed enough. Having the ability to speak several languages is one thing, being able to translate material from different fields is not so easy. Whether you choose literature, science and technology or academia, there is an abundance of terms and rules of register and style to consider. Choosing one area to concentrate your skill development within will provide you with a valuable marketing tool in attracting new clients.

Stay current with research and development in the translation world as it relates to your work and the communication sciences profession as a whole. Attend professional conferences to learn about new language technologies, build skills and network with other freelance translators.

Develop cooperative relationships with other freelance translators; exchange proofreading services and sharing translation memory will help build your expertise and knowledgebase faster than working alone.

No amount of promotion can replace the value of a good reputation in business. Work with a strong of ethics; deliver what you promise, communicate with your client honestly and perform your work diligently to build a reputation that is priceless in this profession.