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Monday, August 04, 2008

Software for Subtitling

Photo Credit Josef Stufer

Software for Subtitling

Subtitling involves the dual process of translating as well as incorporating the subtitles in the appropriate slots to correspond with the audio as and when it is playing. This incorporation of subtitles is done by a process of timing the audio by a process known as spotting. The subtitles are burned onto the DVD using appropriate hardware and software for the process.

Spotting and burning the subtitles requires specialized software for the process. These can be in the form of freeware that is available on the internet or can be purchased. Different people use different software as is recommended by the client or as is comfortable to them.

Some examples of software that is used for subtitling includes the following:

DivXLand Media Subtitler that is a freeware available at http://www.divxland.org/index.php. This needs Windows media player version 9 and above. Another freeware is Sub Station Alpha that can be found at http://www.topdownloads.net/software/view.php?id=9740. Apart from this there is Real Subtitler that needs Real Player to function and can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/realsubtitler.

Horse, software useful for translation and spotting that is found at

InqScribe, a shareware that can be purchased at http://www.inquirium.net/products/inqscribe/index.html. This needs Quick Time version 7 and above to function. Another shareware is Stream SubText that can be purchased at http://www.jorgemorones.com/sst/.

The most preferred and highly recommended software used in subtitling is the URUSoft Subtitle Workshop, which is a freeware that can be found at http://www.urusoft.net/products.php?lang=1. There are some subtitlers that prefer to use this software with other freeware such as Visual Sub Sync to make their work even simpler and much easier.

The software used for subtitling is generally used for spotting where the duration of every subtitle is timed and is incorporated to match the audio. This is done by placing the text on a text file as in Notepad and then using the specialized software, it is time-coded. The process of spotting and burning of the subtitles is generally performed by the translators it is not uncommon for many of them to outsource the work of spotting and burning to another person.


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