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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to Achieve Success as a Freelance Translator?

How to Achieve Success as a Freelance Translator?

Almost all the translation agencies are a bit apprehensive about recruiting a new freelancer into their circle. The reason is, they are not sure whether the person can live up to their expectations, work effectively with specialization in IT, financial, medical, technical, and commercial fields, meet the agreed deadlines and provide consistent quality level.

Thus, to cut anxiety, translation agencies accept applications from freelancers who are well experienced in freelance translation services.

In order to achieve success as a freelance translator, the first step you need to take after graduation is to groom yourself as a professional freelance translator. After completing studies, lookout for an employment with an all-round translation agency instead of stepping in the market as a freelance translator.

It is true that as a salaried employee you will be paid less as compared to that of an independent freelance translator. But without necessary experience, it will not be an easy path to climb up the ladder in freelance translation jobs.

There are translation agencies that do not take a new paid member; however, they might offer you the post of a trainee. This will provide the perfect background for a career in freelance translation service as you gain more and more practical experience and expertise.

Once you have gained the necessary experience, it is time for you to locate your own clients. Try your hand as a part-time freelance translator so that you have time enough to search for new clients and manage financial issues.

Place your CV to professional groups of translation firms and focus your willingness to sit for necessary tests. Register yourself as a self-employed person with suitable tax papers. Once you get enough work to fill up almost 20 hours a week, you can consider terminating your contract and become a full-time freelance translator. At the end, it is always your business acumen and experience that determines how successful you will become in freelance translation services.