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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The “Ambiguous” Client
This client uses vague terms or terms that have more than one possible meaning to describe their project. The problem with the ambiguous client is that unless you pay careful attention, what they define as a “simple translation” can prove to be a translation from difficult to read fax copies of Power Point slides instead of an electronic Word file.

The “Manipulative” Client

Many clients feel that each transaction has to be a power struggle. When you accept a project from the manipulative client, you will find that the client feels this entitles them to a thousand and one little extras that were not detailed in the work agreement for the translation project.

The “Reactive” Client
The reactive client wants you to be their counselor as well as their freelance translator. They constantly interrupt your work, bringing in new aspects to the work assignment based on the current events of their life, i.e., they are experiencing personal financial problems, which means that they cannot pay you on schedule or they want you to discount your price.

The “Temperamental” Client

When you work with a temperamental client, there will be the frustration that comes with constant changes in the project description. Maybe it starts off with the end use of the translation, or it could be format output or even the deadline. This client makes it impossible to work in a consistent manner because they cannot make a firm decision.

The “Instant Amnesia” Client

The work agreement was created with this type of client, who will give you instructions regarding the work and then when they see the result of their instructions is not to their liking, will immediately develop “instant amnesia”; saying they don’t remember giving the instructions.
Make sure your definition of the terms, scope of work, delivery format and date are in writing to avoid the problems these types of clients can bring you.