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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Avoiding non-paying agencies. How?

Non-payment for translations over the Internet is indeed a serious problem now.

Often there is lack of moral and business ethics in internet.

Translators are the worst affected of all the people. Unscrupulous elements take advantage of the relatively weak position of the translators, who cannot spend fortune for getting paid in a foreign country and just give up on their claims.

So the best way is to check the antecedents of clients before accepting a job. And it is possible to a large extent.

In internet information travels fast. Good players or bad players whoever is in net keeps a trail, always. You , me and every body. So you can always get some information if you do research(googling!). just try putting the words ' payment review xyz agency' in google search string and see.

There are forums, where translators make their problems public.

A good agency is always careful about their reputation and they will respond.

But remember as a translator, at the first instance you have to deliver quality translation always.

Happy translating!!