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Monday, December 04, 2006

Beginners Guide To A Translation Professional Web Site

Beginners Guide To A Translation Professional Web Site

What are the elements needed to create a professional freelance website? Beyond the aesthetic design of your site, having excellent technical support from the company that hosts your site is the key. Remember that while you are sleeping you site is supposed to be working and it takes skilled people to keep your site accessible. This is the first part of customer care; making sure that your site is available for them when they want to visit.

Give your customers what they want; attention. Create a plan for how you will interact with your customers who visit your website, so that these elements can be built into your site.

Having an easy to remember domain name is your main marketing tool. The second most important part of marketing your domain name is called a “tagline” or slogan. The main purpose of the tagline is to deliver the essence of what you have to offer-the main benefit your client enjoy by using your services.

These two elements create the “theme” of your website. For instance, if you are a freelance translator that specializes in historical literary texts, portraits of some of the famous writers of the time immediately connects to the domain name of www.epochtranslation.com and the tagline of “communication for the ages”. Adding an overall design theme of colors, typeface and information gives your visitors a sense of what they will find on your site.

In addition to the basic information about your services, you need to present content that relates to the audience you want to attract. There are articles being published regularly that highlight the increasing need for translation services in government and the private sector. Use market research statistics to show the difference between the profits of companies who use translated materials and those who are not using translation services.