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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Few Advantages of Using Trados for Translations

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Few Advantages of Using Trados for Translations

While the use of software tools such as Trados is becoming increasingly popular there are still many translators who are not comfortable even with the thought of using software tools for translation. Many people who abhor programs such as Trados do not like it because they think that it is too complicated to learn and master.

Contrary to the belief that software tools are difficult to learn, programs such as Trados can help you in achieving higher efficiency in terms of quality as well as quantity. Let us get a brief insight into the many advantages of using programs such as Trados for your work.

1. Trados is useful in recalling repetitive texts that get stored within the memory of the program.
2. It is also useful in storing terminologies that are specific to a client which need to be used frequently.
3. It prevents skipping of lines as the translated text and the source text are open together. This also avoids missing out on important details such as numbers, names, etc and prevents wrong spelling of the same.
4. It can help you get more projects as many clients now enlist the possession of a software tool as a prerequisite to provide you the project.
5. It can help you in increasing the speeds at which you work as both the texts are open simultaneously thereby enhancing the volume of work completed. This also helps in improving the quality of your work.
6. It can also help in performing a proofreading of your work and can function as a quality assurance tool.

While the use of software programs is increasing by the day, clients are often seen utilizing the benefits of using a program such as repetitive texts not needing translation again as a means to cut their costs by asking the translator for discounts when translating complete and partial matches.

This does not sit too well with some translators as they feel that even though they have spent a substantial amount of money towards buying the software they now have to put up with such requests for discounts. But, some feel that such discounts are justified and do not mind giving them out to get better business prospects.