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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Include current rates on your CV?

Is it a good idea to include current rates on a CV?

Should the rates be negotiated afterwards?

If the rate is low , the agency would love it.
It will limit the translator.

One opinion is- Do not include rates in your CV. More so if they are low.

The agency could get the wrong impression about you that you are not experienced enough.

And you are desperately searching for a job and ready to take up whatever comes.

Remember your rates depend on complexity of the text and turnaround time.

It is always better to negotiate rates afterwards.

Your CV can draw attention of agencies in two ways(1) very professionally drafted CV (2) very low rates. Everybody loves to get jos done at lower rates. SO the point is do your homework carefully and present a very good CV but do not mention your rates in your CV.

If you are not sure about rates, ask the agency what rates they are ready to offer or they have been offering to their translators.
If they do it you may accept or refuse that rate. It is in your favor.

To get better rates present yourself in a professional manner.

In one of the translators forums somebody has commented that once you understand that all people are different and react different to rates it will be easier for you to come up with higher rates.

Top quality jobs can come only with higher rates.
So provide quality output and dont hesitate to ask for higher rates.