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Monday, August 18, 2008

8 tips to Avoid Payment Default

8 tips to Avoid Payment Default

While it is definitely not fair to generalize, you should always be on the safer side and be careful to avoid falling prey to the dirty tricks of many scammers and cheaters that are present waiting to rip you off. There are many of them who will get the work done and then refuse to pay under the pretext of your work being shoddy or not up to the mark.

In order to avoid falling prey to such cheap methods employed by a few bad apples it is necessary to follow a few simple methods that are enlisted:

1. Check out the profile of the agency before you accept any work from them. It is always better to accept work from people who have good credibility ratings.
2. If you are not for any reason able to check upon the credibility of the agency, it is better to first ask for a proper contract that will make them liable if they default on payments.
3. Ascertain that the contract contains all the details of the project and the deadlines and terms and due date of payment.
4. If you still suspect the credibility of the agency, either refuse to take up the work or if you still want to take it up ask for upfront payments or payments in parts as and when the work gets completed.
5. Keep in constant touch with the agency and send in reminders if the payment is due beyond the due dates.
6. If the agency refuses payment under the guise of bad quality although you are sure that the quality of the work is good, tell them that you will leave bad feedbacks on translator websites that is bound to affect the credibility of the agency in future projects.
7. If they still refuse payment, you can go ahead with using sites such as http://www.ripoffreport.com and file for a rip off report and provide them with a copy. It may influence them to pay you the money owed.
8. If nothing works, use the contract to take up legal action against the agency. This is generally a difficult procedure if you are living far away from the other party but definitely not impossible.