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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Freelancers Owning Websites-Boon or Bane

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Freelancers Owning Websites-Boon or Bane

The question that comes to the mind of every freelancer is whether or not to have a website

for promoting themselves and their work. Will having a website improve the volume of

projects they are obtaining? Will creating an identity help in impressing the clients that

scout for freelancers on the internet?

If you are one of those freelancers with such questions on your mind, you are not alone.

There are many such freelancers who are in the same dilemma as you are. From a larger

perspective, it has been observed that there is a divided opinion among freelancers in

answering the question.

Creating a website and maintaining it does not come cheap. While owning a domain name is

not very expensive, creating the right content can be. Also, there is a necessity for you

to have the right adwords such that there is more traffic generated to your website. This

is again a costly affair as you need to pay to the search engine for certain adwords when

ever they are clicked by a user.

Even though generation of traffic does not come easy, there are many who believe and have

experienced an increase in the number of clients by owning a website. There are many who

perceive that with a website there is an identity for yourself on the internet which will

help embellish your accomplishments as well as provide a feel-good factor for your clients.

At the same time, there are others who feel that having a website in no way increases the

face value and they feel that they can obtain adequate workload by other means such as

developing a good client contact base and with having their profiles on other freelance

websites which has good amount of web traffic already. They feel that this will help them

in concentrating on their work more and would not necessitate spending time on any

unnecessary things such as trying to improve the traffic to the website.

While some think that having a website is highly advantageous there are many others that

think that having a website is in no way of an extra benefit. The perceptions of each one

differ and how you lean is dependent on how you feel about the whole issue.