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Friday, April 13, 2007

Managing Stress

Stress is experienced by all of us from time to time, thus the one experienced in freelance translation services is no exception. It can arise due to the fact that you are working by yourself the whole day, issues concerning payments from delinquent clients, finding freelance translation jobs, and meeting deadlines.

The golden rule in freelance translation jobs to manage stress is never to avoid it as a side-effect of hectic work schedule. To combat stress, find out its source. This will make things easier to take appropriate action. You may face situations when there are looming deadlines and not considerable time to work on the concerned translation project.

Instead of getting stressed and working furiously on it, take a minute to think of possible alternatives available in freelance translation jobs. You can always ask the client for extending the deadline.

If you think that doing so can hamper your reputation as a freelance translator, outsource fraction of the work to another translator. Always be mentally prepared for alternatives and solutions to relieve stress.

Along with the various solutions that you will keep handy in freelance translation services, you must also remember to take occasional breaks from the monotonous work you are engaged in. It is not possible to sit glued to the computer screen the whole day while working as a freelance translator. Combining work with pleasure will aid to relieve stress, especially in the field of freelance translation services.

While you are on freelance translation jobs, try to take time off to call a friend, read a book, go for a walk, and exercise to keep a clear mind. These small activities also boost up your energy level and keep the stress level at the lowest.