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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tips for freelance translators

Tips for freelance translators

One is very eager to establish himself as a freelance translator the moment that one completes the translation training programs at the university level. But this can be quite a difficult proposition as the translation market is extremely competitive and the business complicated. The following are some very important tips that can help you to make a name for yourself in this sphere.

· It is not a good idea to present oneself as a freelance translator right at the outset. The best option would be to get a job at a firm that would be full time. This would also help you to gain the necessary practical experience that is a must for almost all professional services.

· If this is not available you can also opt for the post of an unpaid trainee. Maybe this organization does not have the necessary resources to hire you but it can provide you with the necessary experience in an environment that is absolutely commercial. Moreover this traineeship may act as a springboard if you are really interested in setting up a career in this business.

· Working at a translation agency would help you to whet your skills for a number of years and this would also help you to increase your client base. You can also get for yourself a part time contract and then put in the rest of your time in searching for other prospective clients and work for them. But one aspect should be absolutely clear and that is there should not be a conflict of interests with your boss.

· You can also send your detailed resume to the various governmental organizations, translation companies giving a detailed description of your experiences and also your willingness to work as a freelance translator.