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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Useful Method to Improve Memory for Consecutive Interpretation

Useful Method to Improve Memory for Consecutive Interpretation

Interpretation is definitely much tougher than doing translation jobs as the work involves translating and speaking in real time. As there is no time to think back and research what is being said it necessitates the interpreter to be very good in both the languages. Among interpretation jobs, many interpreters opine that consecutive interpretation is much tougher than simultaneous interpretation.

With consecutive interpretation, there is a likelihood of forgetting what the speaker had told and the possibility of missing out on important details in the speech. This is even more difficult when you need to remember details such as names, numbers, dates, etc. For this reason, many interpreters are not too comfortable in taking up consecutive interpretation work.

If you are planning on getting into consecutive interpretation or would like to get better at it you can follow some simple but very important method that is described below.

You can start by taking up some online speeches that are available in your local language and start working with it. You can even try to do it with the local news on the television. Transfer these speeches or a portion of the news into a digital recorder.

Play the speech sentence by sentence and try to remember the summary of each sentence by stopping in between. Try not to think of the actual words but to remember the concept that is being conveyed. As you become more used to it, try and begin to translate into the other language that you are taking up interpreting in.

Once you are more comfortable doing this sentence by sentence, you can take up longer parts of the speech to work with. Use notation systems for names, number, dates and anything else that you could forget.

If you follow the method described, you can slowly become proficient with doing consecutive interpretation with very less amount of taking notes and remembering most of the things spoken. But, most important thing to remember is that it is not an easy job and requires a lot of practice and effort to become a master.