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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Basic question for fixing rates

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Freelance translators worldwide debating how much to charge.

There is no fixed rate.

Experience shows in general rate does not depend on language, country, voulme. It is something you negotiate.

You have to ask for the rate you want and consider apprpriate.

The question is not how much the translators should charge, but how much are clients willing to pay.

Do your home work and get to know how much the client is willing to pay and then charge accordingly.

All agencies ask the translators to state their rates in their CVs, and that is very wrong.

Never give your rates in your first mail or CV.

Let them ask it from you.

The clients should tell the translators how much they want to pay, and then the translators decide whether to accept it or not.

Rates are bound to go up if the translators let the clients struggle to get their attention, instead of the opposite.

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