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Saturday, November 25, 2006

5 Keys To Successful Internet Marketing For Freelance Translation Services

Let’s look at five important points to keep in mind as you use the Internet to successfully market freelance services:
1. seek quality exposure
2. know the goal
3. needs of your buyer
4. hidden opportunities
5. provide solutions
When you are promoting your freelance translation services online, there is more to consider than whether you should use a banner or blog; for successful results, the focus has to be on where you can get quality exposure.
The whole point of any promotion, no matter how inexpensive it may be, is to deliver a message to an interested party. You can have a huge budget and still not produce the results you want unless you pay attention to what your customer is doing.
Who is the person who would most likely use your services and why? That is the main question you have to answer. Know this will make it easier for you find where their interests will lead them.
Think about the business world; research the number of companies that either have branches in other countries or are thinking about which country offers them the best opportunities. These companies have translation issues. You have a freelance translator opportunity waiting to be developed.
Now you can locate their forums and join. Learn about the company, begin to interact with them so that you can shape your message in a way that will strike a chord with them. Once you have this information, creating a banner or promotional article about your services will be easier to place, because it is tailored to a certain market segment, tied to their concerns and fills a need.
Use these five keys in your Internet marketing and keep refining your technique until you get the results you desire.