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Thursday, November 02, 2006

How to increase your freelance translator income?

As a freelance translator, you are facing the challenge of constantly being alert to methods that you can use to increase your freelance translation income.

Here are five keys to successfully marketing your freelance translation services:

Identify the problems that would be solved by using your service, i.e., I would seek the services of a freelance translator when I need fast turnaround on a project, or here some others:

Problem: Client needs translation completed quickly.
Solution: Your services are flexible, available on call.

Problem: Client has never done a translation before.
Solution: You provide personal service that educates the client in the process.

Problem: Client needs a customized format.
Solution: You create a list of format options based on their requirements.

Problem: Client project is sensitive information, needs security
Solution: Provide a “NDA” agreement with a Confidentiality clause.

Create a chart that compares how your services are better for the client than the services provided by an agency is a very powerful way to establish your presence in the freelance translator marketplace.

As a freelance translator, your reputation or image is created by your expertise and knowledge, but you have to build your clients trust. If your website visitors trust you, they will be more likely to hire your freelance translator services. You can establish online confidence by providing:

· contact information, references
· a privacy statement
· client reference links

Remember, in some of your prospective clients’ mind, translation is a service that can be done online or with a software program. The comparison chart will show them the advantages of hiring your freelance translator service instead of using translation software.

Once you have secured and completed a freelance translation project for a client, send a note of appreciation along with a request for them to provide comments regarding their level of customer satisfaction with your services. It is easiest to get responses from a checkbox style questionnaire of 3-5 queries in the “yes” or “no” format.