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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The prerequisites of a freelance translator

The prerequisites of a freelance translator

The trade of freelance writers is as competitive as any other field. So the quality that you provide has to be very high so that the client whom you are providing for comes back over and over again. There are some prerequisites that one should always keep in mind so that this turns out to be a grand success. Here are some of the prerequisites that are a must for every freelancer.

The standard of education needs to be very high. It is an absolute necessity to have a degree but it might not be in the language that you are dealing with. It is advantageous never the less to have such a relevant degree. Added with the experience that you can have it would create a mark above the rest in the trade.

A post -graduate training in the field of translation would be a definite advantage. One must be capable of writing impeccably in the mother tongue. The style needs to be lucid and the manner of presentation has to be easily understood even by the layman.

Without research translation works can tend to become very shallow. Therefore one should have a flair for conducting detailed research work and developing the work. If there is any technical subject at hand the need for research multiplies manifold.

Besides a thorough grasp over the language that you are dealing and the combinations there is another point that has to be borne in mind. One must also be well acquainted with the traditions and also the culture of the country. One has to feel the flavors of the country and this will help to put in the native touch to translated work.